Saturday, 16 July, 2011

Have a lot of sex to bust stress

According to a survey more and more couples are turning away from sex simply because they are too tired after work. 

This is especially true of young couples in metros who are too busy running the rat race to devote time in the bedroom. The keeping up with the Joneses syndrome has overtaken all desire for physical intimacy. 

So, is it time to push the alarm button? Yes, say experts who feel that physical intimacy between couples is the key to a happy and stress-free relationship. Sex is much more than just a physical act and is very important for one's physical and emotional health. Some recent studies claim that sex practiced in a cozy atmosphere works as an effective stress buster. 

Because of deep breathing and touching involved in sexual activities, our body produces hormones called 'endorphins'. These hormones are also known as 'feel-good' hormones, because of the moment of pleasure they bring along. Therefore, sex does not only bring in a feeling of well-being but a calming effect too. 

Shriya Gupta, a homemaker opines, "Though it's only for a short period but sex actually relives you from all your worries and you feel much better. Not only intercourse but foreplay also helps in decreasing the stress level to a certain extent. Sex is a way of expressing your feelings with your physical self involved in it. I think it is a very romantic way of relaxing with your spouse. Above all, it really helps you in burning so many calories." 

Many individuals believe that because of their healthy sex life, they feel more emotionally involved with their partner. However, we cannot forget that only pleasurable sex can increase the sense of attachment between couples. 

Noted psychiatrist Dr Sameer Parikh says, "There is a very scientific way to look at it as merely sex will not help much. If you consider sex as one of the daily chores then you will not get any satisfaction out of it. Sex demands your physical as well as mental involvement. I think it is an extension of a relationship which strengthens the bond between two individuals." 

Model Amanpreet Wahi shares, "I know a lot of couples who have a healthy sex life and it does translates into great chemistry between them. It is a beautiful thing that binds two people together. Sex is also one of the ways of loving each other as saying 'I love you' is not enough sometimes. I know a couple, both of them are approaching 50 but they still have sex regularly as they think it enhances their bond." 

Unfortunately, in the quest of attaining a stress-free life, sex is taking a back seat. The desire for material pleasures is killing the basic desire of pleasuring each other. 

Kunal Sharma, software professional admits, "After a close encounter with my wife I feel relieved and sleep well at night. However, many a times, my mind is so occupied with several other things that I can't concentrate on sex. If I push myself for sex, I don't enjoy it and it becomes tough to keep myself involved." 

Sex is a dimension of love and experts believe that ignoring yours and your partners' sexual desires can be hazardous for a relationship. 

Dr Rachna Singh, holistic medicine and lifestyle management expert says, "With today's fast paced life, pressure on relationships has increased. With demanding professional lives, most of us end up ignoring our personal needs. Not having a good sex life can result into dissatisfaction between couples. " 

Priyanka Tiwari says, "My husband and I work with a BPO. Our timings are completely different and we hardly get time for each other. Most of the time, we end up fighting or yelling at each other over petty issues. We hardly have any sex life now. Whenever I want to make love, he says he is too tired and when he pursues me, I think of my early morning shift and prefer to sleep. " 

The fast pace of life today is leaving us with no time for basic and simple pleasures. With our busy schedules, it is quite easy to forget about your partner's needs. Experts feel that couples should set themselves extra time for those special moments – after all, there is no simpler and effective stress buster than some action between the sheets. 

Ramneek Pantal, model thinks, "If you don't get time on weekdays you can always plan out something special for weekends like a small vacation, a long drive or simply a romantic dinner. Sometimes you have to go out of your way to please your partner but it's worth it." 

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